Английский Jazz/Blues Лэйбл (Cricket Lane). Для меломанов и настоящих коллекционеров особый интерес представляют 4CD Box Set’s. Прекрасное ремастированние, хорошо подобранный музыкальный материал, максимально низкие цены дисков такого уровня (ориентировочно 8у.е. в Москве), делает их бестселлерами. Диски характеризует прекрасное качество звучания, оригинальный фирменный дизайн и наличие многостраничного, красочного буклета.


ITEM Artist Titel Reldate Comment
ACUFF, ROY KING OF COUNTRY MUSIC 26-04-04 4-CD BOX: 101 track, includes all of Roy Acuff's important recordings from 1936 to 1950, with a 40 page illustrated booklet containing his life story and a discography. Full track listing attached.
PROPER 24 ARMSTRONG, LOUIS C'EST SI BON: SATCHMO IN THE FORTIES 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: Satchmo's adventures in the 1940s are dealt with in this box set, from big band sides, via duets with Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Louis Jordan and The Mills Brothers to the classic live recordings from the Town Hall and Symphony Hall with the All Stars.
ARNOLD, EDDY EDDY'S SONG 20-10-03 4-CD BOX: 90 track, spotlights his younger, prime years, 1944-1952, when he was rarely absent from US radio play or the US charts. A 32 page authoritatively annotated illustrated booklet with discography tells the story behind his crossover success.
AUTRY, GENE DON'T FENCE ME IN 05/04/04 recorded between 1930 and 1945
PROPER 57 BAILEY, MILDRED MRS SWING 21-04-03 4-CD BOX: 100 tracks have been shoe horned into the 4 CDs, including all of her greatest recordings between 1929 and 1942. The set comes with a 52 page booklet.
BAKER, CHET YOUNG CHET 05/04/04 25 tracks, all dating from 1953 and recorded with other members of the West Coast "Cool School", such as Gerry Mulligan and Shelly Manne.
PROPER 19 BASIE, COUNT STORY 19-03-01 4-CD BOX: 99 tracks in this box set are testimony to the greatest swing band ever. The 48 page booklet traces Basie's story and his 40 years as leader of bands that were the epitome of swing. Also included is a discography and many rare photographs.
PROPER 18 BECHET, SIDNEY STORY 19-03-01 4-CD BOX: 93 tracks spanning over 27 years, the first being recorded in 1923. The monumental booklet tells the story of this remarkable musician and includes rare photos and discographies.
BEIDERBECKE, BIX STORY 20-10-03 4-CD BOX: Including sides cut with small bands to his work with the Paul Whiteman Orchestra, this 4CD set covers his whole career and full liner notes, photographs and discography tell the whole story.
PRPCD 100 BOSTIC, EARL FLAMINGO 10/09/02 2-CD, early records including all his greatest hits and many super-rare solo and small group recordings.
PROPER 59 BROWN, MILTON & HIS MUSICAL BROWNIES DADDY OF WESTERN SWING 21-04-03 4-CD BOX: With his Musical Brownies, Milton Brown was one of the first musicians to combine jazz, blues and country music to come up with the exciting musical hybrid that was Western Swing. 106 slices of the man?s art are included and the 60 page booklet details why he was such a musical pioneer.
PRPCD 101 BRADSHAW, TINY BREAKIN' UP THE HOUSE 10/09/02 2-CD, 16 page booklet including discography, biographical notes and rare photos.
PRPCD 120 BRUBECK, DAVE EARLY CONCEPTS 26-08-03 2-CD, 52 tracks spanning 1948-1952 trace Brubeck developing his polyrhythmic and polytonal style with complex time signatures from straight out of music college with an octet, then a more economically practical trio, and finally with the quartet that would go on from immense popularity on college campuses to international recognition. An authoritatively annotated 16 page booklet essays this musical development and includes a discography of the recordings.
CALLOWAY, CAB ZAH, ZUH, ZAZ 05/04/04 collection of sides from the 1930s and 40s
CARTER, BENNY MUSIC MASTER 26-04-04 4-CD BOX: Carter's amazing career from 1930 through to 1952. In that time his bands ranged from small groups up to full big bands and included the likes of Teddy Wilson, Coleman Hawkins, Oscar Peterson and Dexter Gordon. Carter moved from the US to England in the late '30s and recorded sessions both there, in Denmark and in France (with Django Reindhart) before moving back to the US. This Proper Box set includes a 52 page illustrated booklet, with full discography and liner notes that tell this amazing musician's full story.
CHARLES, RAY MESS AROUND 26-04-04 2-CD, collection presents his work between 1949 and 1953, when his piano playing and singing were in the process of marrying the R&B, blues and gospel styles into what would become soul.
PRPCD 112 CHRISTY, JUNE COOL CHRISTY 08/11/02 2-CD, 49 tracks including the likes of Shelly Manne, Barney Kessel, Kai Winding, Art Pepper and of course Kenton himself.
CLAYTON, BUCK SWINGIN' WITH BUCK 21-06-04 2-CD, presents the best of his work with Basie and the first of his famous Jam Session recordings from the '50s and is presented with a fully illustrated booklet and discography.
CLOONEY, ROSEMARY TENDERLEY 05/04/04 25 tracks that also feature duets with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Guy Mitchell and Marlene Dietrich.
COCHRAN, EDDIE FOREVER ROCKIN' 26-08-03 2-CD, His original Liberty hit recordings.
PROPER 31 COLE, NAT KING COOL COLE: THE KING COLE TRIO STORY 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: 104 tracks and a 48 page booklet which includes the full story, track information and rare photographs.
COLE, NAT KING UNFORGETTABLE 26-04-04 2-CD, period between 1950-1953
PRPCD 108 COOK, PETER OVER AT RAINBOW'S 10/09/02 2-CD, contains over two hours of funny and poignant selections from the bee-on-the-wall conversations recorded in 'Rainbow' George's lounge and kitchen.
PRPCD 127 COOLEY, SPADE SWINGIN THE DEVIL'S DREAM 22-05-03 2-CD, Donnell "Spade" Cooley was a singing cowboy (at one time a stand in for Roy Rogers) and fiddle-playing band leader who, after winning a Battle Of The Bands over Bob Wills & His Texas.
CRISS, SONNY YOUNG SONNY 05/04/04 12 tracks tell the story of the start of this great player's career up to 1952
PROPER 34 CROSBY, BING IT'S EASY TO REMEMBER 06/12/01 4-CD BOX: 99 tracks, 36 page booklet contains career overview, session details and many rare photographs.
CRUZ, CELIA HAVANA DAYS 05/04/04 compilation is of her early '50s recordings
CUGAT, XAVIER SAY SI SI 05/04/04 This collection contains 25 of his hits, recorded between 1933 and 1945.
DAVIS, MILES ENIGMA 05/04/04 present the start of Miles's career - bebop sides made with Charlie Parker and tracks that later went on to become the Birth Of The Cool .
PROPER 17 DAVIS, MILES YOUNG MILES 22-01-01 4-CD BOX: The first years of Miles' recording career are traced on these 82 sides. From classic encounters with Charlie Parker, the immortal "Birth Of The Cool" sessions to spirited live dates & the lovely sessions with Sarah Vaughan.
PRPCD 103 DAY, DORIS IT'S MAGIC 29-07-02 2-CD, hits from her days with the Les Brown Band including "Sentimental Journey" and most of her recordings with the Harry James Band.
PRPCD 120 DOMINO, FATS ROCKIN' ON RAMPART 02/03/03 2-CD, 46 tracks
ELDRIDGE, ROY LITTLE JAZZ TRUMPET 26-04-04 4-CD BOX: Eldridge's career from its beginnings with the bands of Teddy Wilson, Teddy Hill and Fletcher Henderson, through the big band era and up to his classic early '50s sessions. A 48 page illustrated booklet, with discography tells the whole story.
ELLINGTON, DUKE SKIN DEEP 05/04/04 work of the Ellington band in the '40s and '50s, a time when other big bands were suffering from the postwar slump in gigs but when Ellington's ideas, and the sound of the band, were becoming more and more powerful & innovative.
PROPER 25 ELLINGTON, DUKE MASTERPIECES '26-'49 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: 93 tracks
FITZGERALD, ELLA ROMANCE & RHYTHM 21-06-04 4-CD BOX: The first half of Ella Fitzgerald's stellar career is represented on this 4CD set, from her beginnings as singer with Chick Webb's Orchestra, via her own big band leading days and duets with the likes of Louis Armstrong & Louis Jordan to her emergence as the queen of scat in the 1940s and her first set of Gershwin songs, made with pianist Ellis Larkins. As the First Lady Of Song, Ella's career is also a history of the development of jazz singing - she practically defined the idiom from the 40s to the 50s - this is an essential jazz document. Reviews expected across the national & music press.
FITZGERALD, ELLA SMOOTH SAILING 05/04/04 tracks date from the start of her career
PRPCD 105 FOLEY, RED TENNESSEE SATURDAY NIGHT 10/09/02 2-CD, Between 1944 and 1959 he had 41 solo chart hits.
FULSON, LOWELL JUKE BOX SHUFFLE 05/04/04 includes recordings from 1945 to 1953, including the immortal "Every Day I Have The Blues"
PROPER 62 GAILLARD, SLIM LAUGHING IN RHYTHM 14-07-03 4-CD BOX: 102 jazzy expositions from 1937-1952 are a master class in right-orooni, including all of his best loved numbers, from ""Flat Foot Floogie"" via ""Tutti Frutti"", ""Slim Slam Boogie"", ""Cement Mixer (Put-Ti, Put-Ti)"", ""Jumpin' At The Record Shop"" and ""Opera In Vout"" to ""Potato Chips"", with fine musicianship throughout. An illustrated, authoritatively annotated, 44-page booklet with full discographical details completes this tribute to the spaced-out musical humorist who spread joy wherever he appeared.
PRPCD 110 GAYE, MARVIN LIVE 10/09/02 2-CD, Featuring over two hours of digitally re-mastered material and a 16 page booklet including biographical notes and rare photos.
GETZ, STAN SOUND 17-02-03 4-CD BOX: celebration of his exceptional talents. Just some of the top quality musicians alongside Getz on this set are Max Roach, Zoot Sims, Horace Silver, Charles Mingus, Duke Jordan and a whole host of Scandinavian guys who Getz so enjoyed playing with. The set comes with a 44 page booklet containing The Sound's story, session detail and rare photos.
GETZ, STAN WIZARD 05/04/04 first sessions as a leader from 1951-53.
PROPER 30 GILLESPIE, DIZZY STORY 1939-1950 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: 100 tracks, From the early years with the bands of Teddy Hill, Lionel Hampton and Cab Calloway to the exciting trumpet virtuoso performances of the mid to late 1940s. The 48 page booklet tells the story of this great musician and showman, and includes session details and rare photographs.
GONZALES, BABS REAL CRAZY 13-09-04 recorded during 1947-1949, including the earliest version of "Oop-Pop-A-Da" and such songs as "Weird Lullaby," "Real Crazy," "Professor Bop," and "Prelude to a Nightmare"; among his sidemen on these dates were Tadd Dameron, Tony Scott, Roy Haynes, James Moody, J.J. Johnson, Julius Watkins, Sonny Rollins (making his recording debut), Art Pepper, Wynton Kelly, and even Don Redman.
GOODMAN, BENNY RIDIN' HIGH 05/04/04 first incarnation of Goodman's band, including drummer Gene Krupa's feature "Sing Sing Sing".
PROPER 16 GORDON, DEXTER SETTIN' THE PACE 22-01-01 4-CD BOX: 55 tracks here span the period 1943-1950 and feature the immense talents of Dexter himself as well as such luminaries as Dizzy Gillespie, Fats Navarro, Ben Webster, Billy Eckstine, Sonny Criss and Barney Kessel.The 44 pages in the booklet are crammed with rare photos, track information and the story of one of the true giants of jazz.
PROPER 55 GRAY, WARDELL STORY 17-02-03 4-CD BOX: 77 track celebration of the man's art is the most complete in the marketplace and comes with a 40 page booklet telling the story and including session detail and rare photos.
PROPER 12 HAMPTON, LIONEL STORY 31-12-99 4-CD BOX: 92 tracks, The full Lionel Hampton story is related within the 44 page booklet which als includes the usual rare photographs and track details.Performers alongside Hampton include DIZZY GILLESPIE, ILLINOIS JACQUET, ARNETT COBB, JOHNNY GRIFFIN, WES MONTGOMERY, CHARLES MINGUS, BING CROSBY, BARNEY KESSEL and BENNY BAILEY.
PROPER 20 HARRIS, WYNONIE ROCKIN' THE BLUES 09/03/01 4-CD BOX: pioneer of R&B and an esstential influences on later Rock'n'Roll stars like Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Elvis Presley.The 81 enclosed tracks form his complete previously released works between 1944 and 1950 and many appear for the first time ever on CD, let alone ever being available on vinyl. The 52 page booklet, with rare photos and discography, tells the story of his larger than life character who undoubtledly an original?.and arguably the greatest of the blues shouters.
HARTMAN, JOHNNY THERE GOES MY HEART 13-09-04 solo sides for the Mercury label
PROPER 14 HAWKINS, COLEMAN BEBOP YEARS 23-10-00 4-CD BOX: including his encounters with young modernists like DIZZY GILLESPIEand THELONIOUS MONK. "The BeBop Years" is another supremely crafted set with 88 tracks and a 56 page booklet containing the full Coleman Hawkins story, rare photographs and discography.
PRPCD 116 HEATH, TED & HIS MUSIC BIG BEN BOUNCE 11/11/02 2-CD, 51 tracks with a 16 page booklet containing session details and Heath's story.
PROPER 15 HERMAN, WOODY STORY 31-12-99 4-CD BOX: presents 92 slices of prime Woody focusing on the decade 1939-49 with recordings by The First and Second Herds, two of his most successful bands. Included is a 52 page booklet with extensive biographical notes, discography and rare photos.
PROPER 58 HODGES, JOHNNY JEEP IS JUMPIN' 21-04-03 4-CD BOX: 94 tracks are included within the 4 CDs and the timescale covers 1937 through to 1952. The 44 page booklet tells the story.
PROPER 26 HOLIDAY, BILLIE LADY SINGS 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: 99 tracks on this magnificent 4 CD set follow the recording career of Billie Holiday between 1935-1949. Backed by small All Star bands under Teddy Wilson's and her own leadership and the more formal studio bands during her Decca days, Billie turns every song into poetry. This Proper set is sure to sit on top of all the other reissues focusing on this period of Billie's career, coming with a 56 page booklet including rare pictures, discography and essay.
HOLIDAY, BILLIE YESTERDAYS 05/04/04 21 tracks recorded by the great Billie Holiday between spring and summer of 1952, when she was working with small bands featuring the likes of Oscar Peterson.
HOOKER, JOHN LEE I'M IN THE MOOD 05/04/04 all the early sides which show why Hooker became a blues legend.
PROPER 63 HOOSIER HOT SHOTS EVERYBODY STOMP 14-07-03 4-CD BOX: 100 wacky wonders from their 1934-1946 peak years, including such memorable titles as "From The Indies To The Andies In His Undies", "The Coat And The Pants Do All The Work", "I Like Bananas Because They Have No Bones", "Since We Put The Radio In The Henhouse", "Meet Me Tonight In The Cow Shed" and "I've Got A Bimbo Down On Bamboo Isle". The 36-page illustrated booklet gives the quartet's complete history and includes discographical details of all the featured tracks.
HOUSE, SON DELTA BLUES 05/04/04 21 tracks along with other sides from this key blues figure cut in the period up to 1942.
HOWLIN' WOLF MEMPHIS DAYS 05/04/04 25 tracks mid 1950s
JACKSON, BULL MOOSE BAD MAN JACKSON 05/04/04 late '40s and early '50s with a split musical personality - he sang "I Love You, Yes I Do" and "All My Love Belongs to You" like a pop crooner, then switched gears to belt out the double-entendre naughties "I Want a Bowlegged Woman" and "Big Ten Inch Woman" with total abandon.
PROPER 49 JACQUET, ILLINOIS ILLINOIS JACQUET STORY 28-10-02 4-CD BOX: Among the supporting cast on this essential 79 track set are Charles Mingus, Sir Charles Thompson, Johnny Otis, Shadow Wilson, Bill Doggett and Art Blakey.
JOHNSON, ROBERT CROSSROAD BLUES 05/04/04 presents the key moments in the recording career
PRPCD 135 JONES, GEORGE JONES BY GEORGE 26-08-03 2-CD, 40 tracks best part of his career in music and the accompanying 16-page booklet, from the untypical rocker "White Lightning" in 1958 (credited on original release to Thumper Jones) through all of his important recordings of the 1960s.
JONES, SPIKE & HIS CITY SLICKERS THANK YOU MUSIC LOVERS 05/04/04 man playing a toilet seat
PROPER 5 JONES, SPIKE & HIS CITY SLICKERS STRICTLY FOR MUSIC LOVERS 30-03-99 4-CD BOX: 95 tracks, approximately five hours of music, 24 page fully illustrated booklet.
PROPER 47 JORDAN, LOUIS JIVIN' WITH JORDAN 08/07/02 4-CD BOX: 102 slices of prime Jordan are included in this set and the 40 page booklet tells the story and provides session details along with many rare photographs
KELLY, WYNTON FIRST SESSIONS 05/04/04 includes the 14 sides he cut with a trio for Blue Note Records in 1951 as well as his work with Dinah Washington & Dizzy Gillespie.
PROPER 13 KENTON, STAN STORY 31-12-99 4-CD BOX: 93 tracks, 48 page booklet that tells the story of this extraordinary figure, including rare photos and full track information.Just some of the illustrious figures in attendance are DIZZY GILLESPIE, STAN GETZ, ANITA O'DAY, JUNE CHRISTY, KAI WINDING, SHELLY MANNE, MACHITO and LAURINDO ALMEIDA.
KING, B.B. WOKE UP THIS MORNING 05/04/04 24 of his big early '50s hits
KONITZ, LEE PALO ALTO 05/04/04 23 tracks cover the period 1949-1953 and include Konitz's recordings with Tristano, Warne Marsh and Miles Davis's Birth Of The Cool band.
PROPER 1 KRUPA, GENE GENE KRUPA STORY 30-03-99 4-CD BOX: 99 tracks has nearly five hours of playing time featuring Krupa's work as a bandleader. Three discs are studio recordings and the fourth comprises live broadcasts and radio transcriptions. In the 32-pages booklet there is a full discography complete with dates and personnel details for all the enclosed works along with an extensive and informative note plus loads of great photographs.
LEE, JULIA THAT'S WHAT I LIKE 05/04/04 24 tracks recorded frequently for Capitol during 1944-1950
LEE, PEGGY I GET IDEAS 05/04/04 compilation presents her best early work, as she moved from the world of the big bands to solo stardom.
LEWIS, SMILEY GUMBO BLUES 05/04/04 greatest New Orleans R&B artists from the 1950s.
PRPCD 117 LIGGINS, JOE -HONEYDRIPPER- SHUFFLE BOOGIE KING 11/11/02 2-CD, 50 tracks '40s & '50s
LITTLE WALTER JUKE 05/04/04 23 tracks from 1947-1953
PROPER 48 MACHITO & HIS AFRO CUBANS RITMO CALIENTE 28-10-02 4-CD BOX: concentration is on Machito and his Afro-Cubans' exciting fusion of Afro-Cuban music with bebop, the revolutionary new jazz of the 1940s. Machito and his Afro-Cubans were way ahead of their time, inspiring dancers and listeners in equal measure. This set is made up of 73 tracks and comes with a 40 page booklet with the story,and session details for all tracks.
MARMAROSA, DODO DODO'S DANCE 13-09-04 pianist with the swing bands of Artie Shaw & Charlie Barnet but also as one of the musicians from that era to fully embrace bebop, recording seminal cuts with Charlie Parker such as "Relaxin' At Camarillo" in 1947.
MARTIN, DEAN AW C'MON 13-09-04 features many of the songs that made his name including "That's Amore" and "Luna Mezzo Mare".
MAY, BILLY BILLY'S BEST 05/04/04 released between 1951 to 1953
PRPCD 131 MCSHANN, JAY JUMPIN' THE BLUES 26-08-03 2-CD, 50 tracks beginning with recordings from 1940 and '41 that feature a young Charlie Parker exercising his chops in the McShann band, on to 1951 via evolving variations of McShann-led combos, each featuring excellent vocalists who bridged the jazz and R&B markets, among them Walter Brown, Al Hibbler, Julia Lee, Crown Prince Waterford and Jimmy Witherspoon.
PRPCD 102 MILBURN, AMOS CHICKEN SHACK BOOGIE 29-07-02 2-CD, early R&B hit maker and includes the legendary "Chicken Shack Boogie".
PROPER 23 MILLER, GLENN GOLDEN YEARS '38-'42 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: contains 98 tracks including all of Miller's most popular tunes from the period, and a 44 page booklet with the Glenn Miller story, discography, and many rare photos.
MONK, THELONIOUS CRISS CROSS 11/11/02 2-CD, 31 tracks dating from 1941-51 and Monk is supported by the likes of Coleman Hawkins, Art Blakey, Charlie Christian and Milt Jackson.
PRPCD 106 MULLICAN, MOON I'LL SAIL MY SHIP ALONE 19-08-02 2-CD, unique piano player who was a massive influence on Jerry Lee Lewis and is a big favourite of rock 'n' roll and country fans all over the world.
PRPCD 119 MULLIGAN, GERRY YOUNG MULLIGAN 02/03/03 2-CD, 41 tracks with Charlie Ventura, Miles Davis, Gene Krupa and Chet Baker in the legendary piano-less quartet.
PROPER 11 NAVARRO, FATS STORY 31-12-99 4-CD BOX: 87 tracks, 40-pager that tells the story of a genius still to be properly recognised. Rare photos and full track information are also included.Among the supporting or supported cast are BILLY ECKSTINE, COLEMAN HAWKINS, ILLINOIS JACQUET, TADD DAMERON, BENNY GOODMAN, CHARLIE PARKER, SONNY ROLLINS, MILES DAVIS, MILT JACKSON and MAX ROACH.
PRPCD 122 NELSON, WILLIE BROKEN PROMISES 02/03/03 2-CD, 40 tracks recordings within come from the '60s and follow Nelson while he was learning his trade, some of the tracks appeared on his own albums later while others are unique. An accompanying 16 page booklet comes with Nelson?s story and rare photos, some where he is without his trademark hat and hair.
PROPER 21 O'DAY, ANITA YOUNG ANITA 20-04-01 4-CD BOX: features 88 tracks and follows her early adventures with Gene Krupa from 1941-42 and moves through the rest of the '40s with her work with Stan Kenton and her solo sides. The booklet tells her story and provides track and session detail as well as including many archive images.
PROPER 46 PARKER, CHARLIE BOSS BIRD 08/07/02 4-CD BOX: Most of Charlie Parker's studio recordings from 1944-1951 for the Savoy, Dial and Verve labels are featured in this box, making it one of the most comprehensive collections of Parker's work ever assembled, encapsulating the essence of Bird's art. Just some of the cast include Erroll Garner, Barney Kessel, Miles Davis, Max Roach, Machito, Buddy Rich and Hank Jones.
PATTON, CHARLEY PONY BLUES 05/04/04 contains tracks from his earliest sessions in 1929 through to his last in 1934.
PRPCD 107 PAUL, LES & MARY FORD GUITAR WIZARD 19-08-02 2-CD, 16 page booklet including discography, biographical notes and rare photos.
PEERS, DONALD IN A SHADY NOOK 05/04/04 period from his first recordings in the late '20s, when he was a big radio celebrity, up to the early 1950s.
PRPCD 134 PENNY, HANK KING OF HILLBILLY BEBOP 26-08-03 2-CD, Vocalist/guitarist
PRPCD 130 PEPPER, ART YOUNG ART 26-08-03 2-CD, 40 tracks playing with Stan Kenton & His Orchestra (1943, 1947, 1950-1951), accompanying scat vocalist Babs Gonzales (1949), with Shorty Rogers & His Giants (1951) and leading his own quartet (1952). The accompanying 16 page booklet tells his story and includes a discography of the recordings.
PRPCD 113 PETERSON, OSCAR GENESIS 11/11/02 2-CD, 51 tracks
PROPER 35 PIAF, EDITH LOVE AND PASSION 06/12/01 4-CD BOX: 92 track set which includes all her important tracks recorded between 1936 and 1950, including her huge international hit "La Vie En Rose", the song that turned her into an international star. The 32 page booklet tells the story of this remarkable performer in graphic detail, and illustrates how she started as a street singer, forced to by her father, to when she became France's national treasure.
PIERCE, WEBB GROOVIE BOOGIE WOOGIE BOY 13-09-04 honky tonk vocalists of the '50s
PROPER 22 POWELL, BUD TEMPUS FUGUE-IT 03/05/01 4-CD BOX: Bud Powell's early years are documented on the 86 tracks in this 4 CD box set, the years during which he amazed fellow musicians as well as jazz fans, with dazzling bebop piano playing that laid the foundation of modern jazz piano. The full Bud Powell story is told within the pages of the 48 page booklet that also includes rare pictures and discography.
PRADO, PEREZ MAMBO KING 05/04/04 early 1950s
PROFESSOR LONGHAIR MARDI GRAS IN NEW ORLEANS 05/04/04 contains 23 of his early hits, recorded for the Atlantic label between 1949-1953.
QUEBEC, IKE BLUE HARLEM 05/04/04 22 track compilation traces his career from 1944 to '46.
PRPCD 126 RAVENS BIRDS OF A FEEATHER 22-05-03 2-CD, 1946-52 50 tracks
RAY, JOHNNY CRY 13-09-04 contains this massive hit
PROPER 53 REINHARDT, DJANGO SWIND DE PARIS 17-02-03 4-CD BOX: 103 tracks, Spanning 1934-1952 we include legendary sessions with the Quintette du Hot Club de France along with tracks from dates with Coleman Hawkins' All Star Jam Band, Bill Coleman and his orchestra, his involvement with The Glenn Miller All Stars and of course many with Stephane Grappelli with and without the Quintette.
RICH, BUDDY QUIET RIOT 13-09-04 features rare mid-40s recordings taken from radio shows and V-Discs.
RITTER, TEX SING, COWBOY, SING 05/04/04 28 tracks are taken from the period 1935 to 1952
ROLLINS, SONNY YOUNG ROLLINS 05/04/04 23 tracks ranging from his recording debut with Babs Gonzales in 1949
PROPER 40 SHEARING, GEORGE FROM BATTERSEA TO BROADWAY 11/03/02 4-CD BOX: This box set focuses on the first 12 years of that career. From solo piano and recordings with Stephane Grappelli, Harry Parry and Frank Weir, to his American debut in a trio setting. The box culminates with the early recordings of the George Shearing Quintet, that turned the Shearing sound into one of the most loved sounds of the 20th century.
SHORE, DINAH FOR SENTIMENTAL REASONS 05/04/04 contains 24 of her biggest numbers from the '40s and '50s.
PROPER 33 SINATRA, FRANK ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL 06/12/01 4-CD BOX: 102 tracks including many transcription sides that were never recorded commercially by Sinatra. The set also comes with a 36 page booklet containing session details and rare photos.
SIMS, ZOOT SWING KING 21-06-04 2-CD, presents some of the finest moments from the start of his career, drawing on recordings made with the Herman band, Stan Kenton and with small ensembles.
PRPCD 1187 SMITH, STUFF TIME & AGAIN 02/03/03 2-CD, 49 of Smith's finest performances between 1936 and 1945
SNOW, HANK I'M MOVIN' ON 05/04/04 contains many of his classic tales of travel, recorded for RCA from the late 1940s.
PROPER 36 STAFFORD, JO YES INDEED! 06/12/01 4-CD BOX: 99 track 4 CD set is the ultimate celebration of her career between 1940 and 1950. The 40 page booklet tells her story, contains discographical info and contains many rare pictures.
PRPCD 131 STARR, KAY FOR REAL 02/03/03 2-CD, 44 tracks jazz, blues, Broadway ballads, Doo-Wop, gospel, country & western and straight pop material.
STITT, SONNY SAX O'BEBOP 20-10-03 4-CD BOX: including all of the important recordings from his early years along with a 56 page booklet, rare photographs, a complete discography and authoritative liner notes.
STRAYHORN, BILLY PASSION FLOWER 05/04/04 Strayhorn's harmonically complex pieces, such as 'Lush Life', 'Passion Flower' and 'Chelsea Bridge' have entered the jazz canon as standards, and it's the first recordings of these pieces, from the 1940sN
SULLIVAN, MAXINE MOMENTS LIKE THIS 13-09-04 with Claude Thornhill's big band in the 40s
PROPER 60 TATUM, ART PIANO GRAND MASTER 14-07-03 4-CD BOX: 99 tracks, recorded 1932-1951 prime years.
PRPCD 125 TERRY, SONNY & BROWNIE MCGHEE SPORTIN LIFE BLUES 22-05-03 2-CD, Sonny Terry (harmonica, vocals) and Brownie McGhee (guitar, vocals)
PROPER 51 THARPE, SISTER ROSETTA ORIGINAL SOUL SISTER 28-10-02 4-CD BOX: 81 track set with its fabulous artwork renders all other Sister Rosetta Tharpe collections redundant.
TORME, MEL JAZZ & VELVET 21-06-04 4-CD BOX: including his renditions of standards and popular songs, still held up as the definitive versions by many a jazz authority.
PRPCD 123 TRAVIS, MERLE HOT PICKIN' 02/03/03 2-CD, 50 track overview starts in 1943 with a recording with The Sheppard Brothers, through to his Capitol recordings from 1952. His story is told within the 16 page booklet which also includes session details and rare photos.
TRENIERS GO GO GO 05/04/04 group anticipated some crucial elements of rock & roll, with their solid, thumping beats, their squealing saxophone solos, and their song titles, such as "Rocking on Sunday Night," "Rockin' Is Our Business," and "It Rocks! It Rolls! It Swings!".
TRISTANO, LENNIE INTUITION 20-10-03 4-CD BOX: comprehensive collection of his early work and includes performances from musicians such as Lee Konitz and Warne Marsh as well as Lennie's solo and trio work.
PROPER 54 TUBB, ERNEST TEXAS TROUBADOUR 17-02-03 4-CD BOX: 91 C&W hits in the process, solo or in duet with Red Foley or Loretta Lynn. This is the story of the Texas Troubadour. In a career that spanned 1936-1982, Ernest Tubb was one of the true giants of country music. He had Carrie Rodgers, Jimmie Rodgers' widow, to thank for her help in the early days, something he never forgot and similar help was passed on to other aspiring stars. 100 tracks are included in the 4 CD box which comes with a 48 page booklet.
TURNER, IKE & JACKIE BRENSTON ROCKET 88 05/04/04 1951 Chess recordings
PROPER 10 V/A BEBOP SPOKEN HERE 31-12-99 4-CD BOX: Coleman Hawkins, Charlie Barnet, Tiny Grimes, Dizzy Gillespie, Oscar Pettiford, Boyd Raeburn, Georgie Auld, Billy Eckstine, Frank Socolow, Sarah Vaughan, Red Norvo, Charlie Parker, Jay Jay Johnson, Sonny Stitt, Stan Getz, Dodo Marmarosa, Sonny Berman, Wardell Gray, Bud Powell, Gene Krupa, Dexter Gordon, Claude Thornhill, Tadd Dameron, Thelonious Monk, Anita O Day,Fats Navarro, Stan Kenton, Woody Herman, Howard McGee, Art Blakey, Kenny Clarke, Brew Moore, James Moody, Tony Fruscella, Gene Ammons, Babs Gonzalez, Miles Davis, Kai Winding and Serge Chaloff. 52 page illustrated booklet with essay and discography.
PROPER 61 V/A BIG HORN: HISTORY OF THE HONKIN & SCREAMIN SAXOPHONE 14-07-03 4-CD BOX: 106 tracks bursts at the seams with the sound of 50 hard-blowing saxophonists who, between 1942-1952, formed the nucleus of what became known as the Honkers and Screamers. Jumping from the jazz stage they walked the bars and aisles, played their horns on their backs, shattered microphones, drove their audiences to a frenzy and along the way pioneered the sounds of R&B and rock 'n' roll. From Illinois Jacquet ("Flying Home") via such lung-busters as Arnett Cobb ("Go, Red, Go"), Wild Bill Moore ("We're Gonna Rock, We're Gonna Roll"), Paul Williams ("The Hucklebuck"), Hal Singer ("Blow Your Brains Out"), Earl Bostic ("Earl Blows A Fuse"), Big Jay McNeely ("Jay's Frantic") and Willis Jackson ("Later For The Gator"") to Jimmy Forrest ("Night Train"), it's a solid blast all the way. A fatter than usual 68-page illustrated booklet describes the music's development with full discographical details.
PROPER 29 V/A BLUEGRASS BONANZA 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: Monster 109 track 4 CD set tracing the history of Bluegrass from the early days of the country string bands of the '20s and '30s through to 1950 with works by its greatest exponents, Bill Monroe and Flatt & Scruggs. All of the major artists are featured, including the above plus The Stanley Brothers, Ernest V Stoneman, Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers, Grandpa Jones, The Delmore Brothers, Uncle Dave Macon and many more.
PROPER 7 V/A BROKE BLACK & BLUE 31-07-90 4-CD BOX: BLIND BLAKE, BARBECUE BOB, MISSISSIPPI JOHN HURT, FRANK STOKES, TOMMY JOHNSON, VICTORIA SPIVEY, SON HOUSE, KOKOMO ARNOLD, JAZZ GILLUM and CRIPPLE CLARENCE LOFTON. There is also plenty of previously unreleased material which will be of great interest to collectors and historians. 100 tracks, over four hours of music, 44 page illustrated booklet.
PROPER 44 V/A DAWN OF DOO WOP 22-04-02 4-CD BOX: From the godfathers of vocal groups, The Mills Brothers and The Ink Spots, to the founders of the Doo-Wop tradition, the group style that enriched Rhythm & Blues and Rock 'n' Roll including The Ravens, The Orioles and all those other great harmonizers. 100 great tunes are included and the monster 52 page booklet includes artist biogs, session details and rare photos.
PROPER 4 V/A DEEP SKA: 80 ORIGINAL SKA CLASSICS 29-07-99 4-CD BOX: all 80 of the recordings on this set were made in Jamaica between 1962 and 1969. Stranger Cole, The Skatalites, Eric Morris, Tommy McCook, Justin Hinds, Roland Alphonso, Don Drummond, Drumbago All Stars, Duke Reid, Baba Brooks, Lester Sterling, Margarita, Clive & Naomi, Derrick & Patsy, The Pyramids, Toots & The Maytals, Byron Lee, Blue Rivers, Laurel Aitken, Pat Kelly, Desmond Dekker, John Holt and many more.
PROPER 6 V/A DOUGHBOYS PLAYBOYS & COWBOYS: THE GOLDEN YEARS OF WESTERN SWING 24-09-99 4-CD BOX: 99 tracks featured in this 4CD set tell the story of Western Swing. LIGHT CRUST DOUGHBOYS, BOB WILLS & HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS, BILL BOYD & HIS COWBOY RAMBLERS and many more. Tracks include PUSSY, PUSSY, PUSSY (Light Crust Doughboys), BETTER QUIT IT NOW (Adolph Hofner), SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE (Tex Williams), HUMPTY DUMPTY HEART (Hank Thompson), KANGAROO BLUES (Cliff Bruners Texas Wanderers).
PROPER 2 V/A ENGINE ROOM 17-08-99 4-CD BOX: 95 classic performances tracing the evolution of jazz drumming from Two-Beat to Be-Bop. A tribute to the jazz drummer, the man who swings the band. Just some of the artists featured on this incomparable, value for money 4 CD set are: Baby Dodds, Gene Krupa, Sid Catlett, Dave Tough, Buddy Rich, Jo Jones, Louis Bellson, Chick Webb, Kenny Clarke, Shelly Manne, Max Roach, Roy Haynes, Stan Levey, Don Lamond, Specs Powell, Panama Francis, Shadow Wilson, Cozy Cole, Art Blakey and many more.
PROPER 3 V/A FAREWELL TO IRELAND 07/07/99 4-CD BOX: The body of music recorded by Irish emigrants in America during the 1920's and 30's is regarded by many as the lost treasure of the golden age of traditional Irish music. Here are 80 fine examples of these legendary sessions accompanied by a 32 page fully illustrated booklet.
PROPER 28 V/A GETTIN' FUNKY: THE BIRTH OF NEW ORLEANS R&B 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: 107 tracks and a 56 page booklet make this fabulous set a great addition to the PROPERBOX roster and is guaranteed to get the fans boppin? to the enclosed musical gumbo. Artists include Champion Jack Dupree, Professor Longhair, Archibald, Dave Bartholomew, Paul Gayten, Smiley Lewis, Roy Brown, Fats Domino and a host of others.
PROPER 42 V/A GOOD NEWS: 100 GOSPEL GREATS 08/07/02 4-CD BOX: 100 tracks in this box set range from solo performers of the stature of Mahalia Jackson and Sister Rosetta Tharpe to the legendary quartet leads like Archie Brownlee, Ira Tucker, Sam Cooke and Dorothy Love Coates, leading the way and informing the soul-explosion of the 1960s, that brought us superstars like James Brown, The Temptations, Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding. The set contains a fully illustrated 48 page booklet, with a full discography and rare photographs.
PROPER 50 V/A HILLBILLY BOOGIE 11/11/02 4-CD BOX: Here is the story of the Hillbilly Boogie Boys. Just some of the legendary characters on this 100 track set are Spade Cooley, The Delmore Brothers, Chet Atkins, Hank Snow, Merle Travis, The Maddox Brothers and Tennessee Ernie Ford.
PROPER 9 V/A HITTIN' ON ALL SIX: A HISTORY OF THE JAZZ GUITAR 31-05-00 4-CD BOX: story of jazz guitar from New Orleans to the Bebop era featuring 48 of the greatest jazz guitarists hittin? on all six. Artists include Lonnie Johnson, Eddie Lang, Teddy Bunn, John Trueheart, George Van Eps, Dick McDonough, Carl Kress, Carmen Mastren, Django Reinhardt, Eddie Durham, Bernard Addison, Freddie Green, Floyd Smith, Le Trio Feret, Oscar Aleman, Al Casey, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Charlie Christian, Efferge Ware, Bus Etri, Oscar Moore, Irving Ashby, Leonard Ware, Tiny Grimes, Les Paul, Billy Mackel, Eddie Condon,Nappy Lamare, Danny Barker, Remo Palmieri, Jimmy Shirley, Allan Reuss, Dave Barbour, George Barnes, Barney Kessel, Arvin Garrison, Slim Gaillard, Bill De Arango, Mary Osbourne and more. 94 tracks, over four hours of music, 52 page illustrated booklet with discography.
V/A KINGS OF KOMEDY 21-06-04 4-CD BOX: Eddie Cantor, W C Fields, Abbott & Costello, Jimmy Durante, Danny Kaye, The Marx Brothers and the late great Bob Hope and is presented in full Proper style with a 56 page booklet that traces the stories of these great comedians from their beginnings on radio, through their work in films and finally TV.
V/A REGGAE- DUB & RIDDUM 14-02-00 2-CD
PROPER 56 V/A SWING TANZEN VERBOTEN: Swing Music And Nazi Propaganda Swing During World War II 21-04-03 4-CD BOX: 95 tracks are included in this 4 CD set which comes with a 60 page booklet crammed with information about this fascinating period.
V/A SWINGING HOLLYWOOD HILLBILLY COWBOYS 21-06-04 4-CD BOX: On the way they created not only new music but films glorifying the cowboy lifestyle and a new record company (Capitol) sprang up to put out all the songs. Artists such as Tennessee Ernie Ford and Cliffie Stone epitomised the trend and the tracks collected together on this set, along with the authoritative liner notes tell the story of the great move west and of a time before country automatically meant Nashville.
PROPER 27 VAUGHAN, SARAH YOUNG SASSY 18-10-01 4-CD BOX: Her early work featured in this Proper box set represents some of the finest moments of Sassy's long career, marked by a purity of voice and performance that would not be achieved again. The 4 CD set comes with a 44 page booklet including Sassy's story, rare pictures and discography.
PROPER 41 VENTURA, CHARLIE BOP FOR THE PEOPLE 22-04-02 4-CD BOX: This box-set features the best sides by this, now largely forgotten, big-toned tenor master during his hey-days in the forties. The set comprises 87 tracks, including the legendary Pasadena concert from 1949, and a 40 page illustrated booklet with Ventura's full story and session details.
VINSON, EDDIE 'CLEANHEAD' KIDNEY STEW BLUES 13-09-04 featuring his early Big Bill Broonzy influenced vocal performances with Cootie Williams & His Orchestra
WALKER, T-BONE EVERYTIME 05/04/04 26 tracks included on this Proper Introduction, spanning the years 1942-1953.
WALKER, T-BONE ORIGINAL SOURCE 11/03/02 4-CD BOX: T-Bone Walker was the first bluesman to play the electric guitar, a renowned showman who electrified his audiences. He is the original source. 90 tracks and a 44 page booklet make up this essential set from a true innovator.
WALLER, FATS HANDFUL OF KEYS 21-06-04 4-CD BOX: from the classical influences of his London Suite, through jazz piano workouts (solo and with bands large & small) to his songs, many of which have remained jazz standards today.
PROPER 43 WASHINGTON, DINAH QUEEN SINGS 06/05/02 4-CD BOX: contains all her commercial recordings from 1944 until 1951.
PRPCD 104 WATERS, MUDDY ROLLIN' STONE 29-07-02 2-CD, includes Muddy's complete early Chess recordings up to 1951.
PROPER 37 WEBSTER, BEN BIG BEN 11/03/02 4-CD BOX: From his early days with the bands of Blanche Calloway, Bennie Moten, Teddy Wilson and others to the full blossoming of his talents with Duke Ellington and the small bands on 52nd Street. 94 tracks are included along with a 48 page booklet containing rare photographs, the full story and discography.
PROPER 39 WILLIAMS, HANK HILLBILLY HERO 11/03/02 4-CD BOX: this essential set are rare radio show transcriptions which will undoubtably excite all Hank Williams fans. The 52 page booklet includes session details, rare photographs and Hank's remarkable story.
PROPER 32 WILLS, BOB & HIS TEXAS PLAYBOYS TAKE ME BACK TO TULSA 06/12/01 4-CD BOX: 109 track monster includes every important track Wills recorded between the years 1932 and 1950 and illustrates how he revolutionised country music. The 52 page booklet tells Wills' fascinating story and includes session detail and many rare photos.
PRPCD 111 WILSON, DELROY I'M IN A DANCING MOOD 10/09/02 2-CD, includes the real meat of his classic Rock Steady period and a chunk of his recordings with Bunny Lee. This legendary artist covers such classics as "This Old Heart Of Mine", "It's The Same Old Song", "I Shall Be Released", "Get Ready" and "I Can't Stand It".
PROPER 8 YOUNG, LESTER LESTER YOUNG STORY 31-12-99 4-CD BOX: 84 tracks, over four hours of music, 52 page fully illustrated booklet.
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